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1. watch the video to understand the form of the past continuous

2.  Read the pictures and write the structures in your notebook

3. write and answer the exercises in your notebook 

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chicos les dejo el link de los talleres de refuerzo para aquellos que no puedan ingresar a la plataforma academics

para desarrollar en clase el dia de mañana viernes sept. 7/18







1.Was 2. Weren’t / were 3. Wasn’t, was 4. Were 5. Were 6. Was 7. Was / was 8. Were / wasn’t 9. Wasn’t / was 10. Were

1. When was he born? 2. How was the weather? 3. What was she like? 4. Who were you with? 5. Where were they last summer? 6. How was the party? 7. Why was she happy? 8. Who was your best friend? 9. When was her birthday party 10.Where was John Lennon from?

He phoned a friend an hour ago
he didn´t phone a friend an hour ago
did he phone a friend and hour ago?

My father bought a jeep last week
my father didn´t buy a jeep last week
did my father buy a jeep last week?

the girls wore skirts to the party
the girls didn´t wear skirts to the party
did the girls wear skirts to the party?

I washed my hair last night
I didn´t wash my hair last night
did you wash my hair last night?

jane sent four emails to lisa
jane didn´t send four emails to lisa
did jane send four emails to lisa?

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1. Complete the sentences with the words.

bears   elephants   kangaroos   lions   penguins   sharks  

1     Bears   are big. They can be white, brown, or black.
2   ______________ are very, very big and live in Africa or India.
3   ______________ are from Australia.
4   ______________ are birds. They swim in the ocean and can’t fly.
5   ______________ are very big, dangerous fish.
6   ______________ are big cats – they eat meat and live in Africa.

2. Put the words in the correct categories. 

desert   farmland   lake   mountain   ocean   river  

Places that are water
Places that are not water
1  lake  

3. Complete the sentences with the words.
beach   forest   island   lake   mountain   river  

1   We go swimming in a small   lake   near our house.
2   Andy is on a ______________ in the Himalayas – 7,000 meters up!
3   There are trees, flowers, plants, and a lot of monkeys in the ______________.
4   I’m sitting on a ______________ in the sun and looking at the ocean.
5   The ______________ goes from the city to the ocean. People go along it on boats.
6   Joe lives on a small ______________ in the ocean.

4. Choose the correct answers.

1   There aren’t   many   animals there.
     a  much             b  many
2   I have ________ apples.
     a  much             b  a lot of
3   We only have ________ pasta.
     a  a little            b  a few
4   There aren’t ________ bears.
     a  any                b  a little
5   I have ________ mangoes for the monkeys.
     a  a lot of          b  much
6   There isn’t ________ food.
     a  a lot of          b  much
7   There are only ________ mountains in this country.
     a  a few             b  a little
8   How ________ water do the animals have?
     a  many             b  much
9   There is ________ rice.
     a  a little            b  a few

5. Complete the sentences with the words.
a few   a little   a lot of   any   many   many   many   much   much  
Katy:    How 1 many   eggs are there?
Mike:    There aren’t 2________. We only have 3________. Ummm … yes … look … we have three.
Katy:    OK. Three. How 4________ meat is there?
Mike:    There isn’t 5________. We only have 6________. Look.
Katy:    Oh, OK. That’s small. What about vegetables? How 7________ vegetables do we have right now?
Mike:    Well, right now, we don’t have 8________. None!
Katy:    None! Oh no. What do we have then?
Mike:    Umm … Potato chips. We have 9________ them! There twelve packets here!
Katy:    Right. Let’s go to the store.

6. Order the words to make sentences.

1   There / animals / any / weren’t
  There weren’t any animals.  
2   students / Were / any / there / ?
3   a few / people / were / on the beach / There
4   There / a / in the zoo / tiger / wasn’t
5   there / any / Was / cereal / on the table / ?
6   was / a / There / at my school / new teacher

7. Complete the dialogue with was, were, wasn’t, or weren’t.

John:        1 Was   there a jaguar at the zoo?
Shelley:    No, there 2____________. Only lions and tigers.

Josie:       3____________ there any sharks near the beach?
Dan:          Yes, there 4____________. It wasn’t safe.

Stan:         5____________ there any food for the dogs?
Susie:       No, there 6____________.

Graham:   7____________ there any monkeys in the tree?
Joe:          No, there 8____________.

Penny:      9____________ any fruit?
Dani:         Yes, there 10____________. There were strawberries and mangoes.


1. Complete sentences with the plural form of the words.

burger   cookie   egg   hot dog   strawberry   tomato  

1     Hot dogs   are long and you usually eat them with bread.
2   ______________ are red and often in salads.
3   My favorite fruit is ______________ – they’re small and red.
4   I don’t eat ______________ because I don’t eat meat.
5   These ______________ have nuts and chocolate in them.
6   ______________ are white on the outside and yellow inside.

2. Order the words to make sentences.

1   any / Are / nuts / it / in / there / ?
       Are there any nuts in it?  
2   There / some / oranges / in the box / are
3   aren’t / potato chips / There / in the store / any
4   there / pineapple / in the kitchen / a / Is / ?
5   on the table / cookie / isn’t / There / a
6   any / mangoes / for breakfast / there / Are / ?
7   There / tomato / is / a / on the burger
8   for lunch / fries / Are / any / there / ?

3. Complete the questions and short answers.

1   “Are   there   any cookies?”
     “Yes, there   are  .”
2   “Is there ________ oil?”
     “Yes, there ________.”
3   “Is there ________ cake in the kitchen?”
     “No, there ________.”
4   “________ there any nuts in this?”
     “No, there ________.”

4. Choose the correct words.

1   There are a /  some  cookies in the box.
2   There isn’t an / a egg.
3   Are there some / any strawberries?
4   I don’t have a / some cake. Can I have one?
5   Do you have a / any bread?
6   I want a / an hot dog.
7   Is there a / any milk?
8   There aren’t some / any nuts.

9   Joe has some / any apples in his bag.


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I would like to suggest you a couple of websites (optional) that can help you with your language learning and development of your language skills: 

1. Language course:

2. To work on Listening: - 

3. To practice and learn about grammar: 

4. To practice speaking and participate in live classes: 

Remember to ask your tutor if you have any questions or doubts about the activities.

Have a great weekend.


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