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ejercicios de refuerzo - taller evaluacion de nivelacion 4 periodo

Complete the sentences with the correct simple past form of the verbs.
1   I   didn’t go   (not / go) out last night.
2   Graham ____________________ (not come) to the party.
3   She ____________________ (not like) sport when she was a child.
5   We ____________________ (not study) for the exam.
6   They ____________________ (not cook) on the weekend.
7 Lucy ____________________ (not meet) her friends last week

Write the simple past questions.
1   you / meet / him
  Did you meet him?  
2   he / answer / the question
3   the dog / walk / home
4   they / call / us
5   you / climb / a mountain
6   Joe / win / the game
7   William / live / in London
8   they / have / lunch 
Write the simple past questions with the correct question words.
1   Tim / arrive / ?
  When did Tim arrive?  
At three.
2   you / go shopping with / ?
Amy and Dan.
3   they / buy / ?
A pair of boots.
4   Melissa / study for her test / ?
Because she wanted good grades.
5   David / go on vacation / ?

Write the sentences with should or shouldn’t.
1   you / wear those jeans (û)
       You shouldn’t wear those jeans.  
2   we / go out tonight (ü)
3   you / come back late from the party (û)
4   we / buy a new car (?)
5   you / go to bed early (ü)
6   you / go swimming with a headache (û)
7   I / sell my old bike (?)

My favorite technology
I love working out and staying in shape, and I also love buying new gadgets and downloading interesting new apps. That’s why I’m excited by fitness technology you can wear. Last week, I bought a bracelet that I now wear on my arm all day every day. It’s awesome. It’s black and gold with a digital screen and I can use it to find out how far I walk or run every day, how much food I eat, how tired I am after I work out, and how much sleep I get. I can play games on it, too, and I win points when I sleep well or eat healthy food! It doesn’t wake me up in the morning, but it does everything else!
I hate being late. That’s why I bought a beautiful, black and gold smartwatch. I didn’t want another cell phone. It’s a big watch and you put in on your arm, but it has a digital screen – here, you can see the time, but you can change the screen to do many other things, from playing games online to playing the radio. I download music with my smartwatch and take pictures. It doesn’t have any health apps, but it has an alarm clock to wake me in the morning. It really is awesome.
         Read the text about Barbara and Tom’s favorite technologies. Choose the correct answers.
1   You can wear it.
      a fitness bracelet       
      b smartwatch     
      c  Both the bracelet and the smartwatch
2   You can download music with it.
      a fitness bracelet       
      b smartwatch      
      c Both the bracelet and the smartwatch
3   It has a digital screen.
      a fitness bracelet       
      b smartwatch      
      c Both the bracelet and the smartwatch
4   It has a camera.
      a fitness bracelet       
      b smartwatch      
      c Both the bracelet and the smartwatch
5   You can listen to the radio on it.
      a fitness bracelet       
      b smartwatch      
      c Both the bracelet and the smartwatch
6   It shows how far you walk.
      a fitness bracelet       
      b smartwatch      
      c Both the bracelet and the smartwatch

Read the text again and choose
T (True) or F (False).

1   Barbara really likes fitness
                             T        F

2   Barbara bought a new gadget
last week.
                                T        F

3   Her gadget gives her a reason
to eat food that is good for her.
          T        F

4   Before he bought the
smartwatch, Tom wanted a
cell phone.
                              T        F

5   Tom can listen to music with
his smartwatch.
                       T        F

6   Tom uses his smartwatch to
help him wake up.
                    T        F

Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple past or past progressive).
  1. When I (do)  the washing-up, I (break)  a plate.
  2. While Tom (play)  the piano, his mother (do)  the washing-up.
  3. He (drink)  some juice and then he (eat)  a few chips.
  4. (have)  dinner when I suddenly (hear)  a loud bang.
  5. When my father (work)  in the garden, an old friend (pass)  by to see him.
  6. She (go)  to school, (take)  out her textbook and (begin)  to learn.
  7. When it (start)  to rain, our dog (want)  to come inside.
  8. When Jane (do)  a language course in Ireland, she (visit)  Blarney Castle.
  9. When I (be)  on my way home, I (see)  an accident.
  10. (not / understand)  what they (talk)  about.
Put the verbs into the correct form (present perfect simple).
  1. (not / work)  today.
  2. We (buy)  a new lamp.
  3. We (not / plan)  our holiday yet.
  4. Where (be / you) ?
  5. He (write)  five letters.
  6. She (not / see)  him for a long time.
  7. (be / you)  at school?
  8. School (not / start)  yet.
  9. (speak / he)  to his boss?
  10. No, he (have / not)  the time yet.
Some friends are planning a party. Everybody wants to party, but nobody's really keen on preparing and organising the party. So everybody comes up with a few conditions, just to make sure that the others will also do something.
Complete the Conditional Sentences Type I.
  1. If Caroline and Sue  the salad, Phil  the house.
  2. If Sue  the onions for the salad, Caroline  the mushrooms.
  3. Jane  the sitting room if Aaron and Tim  the furniture.
  4. If Bob  up the kitchen, Anita  the toilet.
  5. Elaine  the drinks if somebody  her carry the bottles.
  6. If Alan and Rebecca  the food, Mary and Conor  the sandwiches.
  7. If Bob  after the barbecue, Sue  the guests in.
  8. Frank  the DJ if the others  along their CDs.
  9. Alan  the drinks if Jane  him some of her cocktail recipes.
  10. If they all  their best, the party  great.
Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets (comparative or superlative).
  1. My house is (big)  than yours.
  2. This flower is (beautiful)  than that one.
  3. This is the (interesting)  book I have ever read.
  4. Non-smokers usually live (long)  than smokers.
  5. Which is the (dangerous)  animal in the world?
  6. A holiday by the sea is (good)  than a holiday in the mountains.
  7. It is strange but often a coke is (expensive)  than a beer.
  8. Who is the (rich)  woman on earth?
  9. The weather this summer is even (bad)  than last summer.
  10. He was the (clever)  thief of all.

recuperacion grado 7

Exercise 1

Put the verbs into the correct tense (Simple Past or Past Progressive).
  1. While Tom (read) , Amely (watch)  a documentary on TV.
  2. Marvin (come)  home, (switch)  on the computer and (check)  his emails.
  3. The thief (sneak)  into the house, (steal)  the jewels and (leave)  without a trace.
  4. Nobody (listen)  while the teacher (explain)  the tenses.
  5. While we (do)  a sight-seeing tour, our friends (lie)  on the beach.
  6. He (wake)  up and (look)  at his watch.

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1. watch the video to understand the form of the past continuous

2.  Read the pictures and write the structures in your notebook

3. write and answer the exercises in your notebook 

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chicos les dejo el link de los talleres de refuerzo para aquellos que no puedan ingresar a la plataforma academics

para desarrollar en clase el dia de mañana viernes sept. 7/18







1.Was 2. Weren’t / were 3. Wasn’t, was 4. Were 5. Were 6. Was 7. Was / was 8. Were / wasn’t 9. Wasn’t / was 10. Were

1. When was he born? 2. How was the weather? 3. What was she like? 4. Who were you with? 5. Where were they last summer? 6. How was the party? 7. Why was she happy? 8. Who was your best friend? 9. When was her birthday party 10.Where was John Lennon from?

He phoned a friend an hour ago
he didn´t phone a friend an hour ago
did he phone a friend and hour ago?

My father bought a jeep last week
my father didn´t buy a jeep last week
did my father buy a jeep last week?

the girls wore skirts to the party
the girls didn´t wear skirts to the party
did the girls wear skirts to the party?

I washed my hair last night
I didn´t wash my hair last night
did you wash my hair last night?

jane sent four emails to lisa
jane didn´t send four emails to lisa
did jane send four emails to lisa?